15 thousand tons of garbage daily.  Disney World gets rid of them at 100 km/h

teller: There is a lot of garbage produced at Disney World. More than 15,000 tons per day at Magic Kingdom park alone. However, you won't see them anywhere. The Magic Kingdom has A futuristic system of hidden pipes shoots rubbish out of sight at 95 kilometers per hour.

However, Disney's system is very secretive, so we went to the only other place in the United States that handles trash in this way and on this scale.

This is Roosevelt Island – a small piece of land in New York City between Manhattan and Queens. Garbage has been moving through pipes there for nearly 50 years. This was supposed to be the future of garbage: no more bags on the curb, no more giant trucks and no more bugs. Dozens of European cities have such systems built into their infrastructure.

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