What about fuel prices after January 1?  Important confirmation from Chief Orlin

On Wednesday evening, the head of Orlen was asked on TVP Info about the evolution of fuel prices at the company’s stations, after the value-added tax on fuel was raised to 23 percent from January 1.

– The return of VAT, according to the decision of the European Commission, should not have a significant impact on the fuel at our stations. Obajtek said that we will do our best to keep fuels (prices – PAP) at a similar level and keep our promise.

As he explained, this includes except that the situation is stabilizing, the zloty is strengthening, and the price of oil is fluctuating between 80 and 90 dollars per barrel. The Orlen boss stated that the concern Płock merged with Lotos. The share in the wholesale market has also been increased. – We’ve achieved some synergy. We have stable oil supplies not only for Poland, but for the entire region (…). Today we can inform the Poles that these prices will be stable and we will do our best to ensure that these prices are at a similar level (as at present – PAP) – he added.

The Orlen president also emphasized that fuel prices in Poland are among the lowest in Europe.

Daniel Obajtek warned against panic before the end of the year and encouraged the use of the Orlen station normally, that is, when necessary.

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