14th Les Zapettes d'or gala |  The red bracelets won the Grand Prix, and it turns me on

Series Red wrists Won the Grand Prix ca m’ignite du 14And The gala of the show Les Zapettes d’or It’s just TV It was presented on ARTV on Friday evening.

Released yesterday at 11:00 p.m.

Andre Duchesne

Andre Duchesne

Presented to TVA, Red wrists Is an adaptation of the Catalan show Bolshevik Vermelles. In Quebec, this first season (second announced) was produced by Yann England based on the works of Michael Broylet and Stephanie Perrol.

Leading artists include Lanne Désilets, Malik Babib, Noah Parker, Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau, Anthony Therrien, Audrey Roger and Étienne Galloy.

Anthony Terion also won the Exposition Award of the Year for his role as Felix Red wrists And Ricardo in the series Six degrees (Radio Canada).

Still in the character category, the Golden Job for Best Villain of the Year is presented to Paul Ahmarani for his character Samuel Travel. For life (Radio Canada). Ave Garens from the detective series Portrait-robot (TVA) starred by Rachel Grotton, who was also acclaimed as the best acting character of the year.

The Grunchy Moment of the Year, a new genre, goes before Melanie Maynard’s bad situation ahead of Patrick Hart on the show Tower (VAT).

Documentary series Lotto-Meno (TOU. TV) Véronique Cloutier won the Zapette d’or Award for Best Useful Moment of the Year.

Like many Quebec audiences, if you saw the crisis of Franுவாois (Michael Charrett) on the show Happiness (VAT), Learn how this scene won this 14 Éclat de rire prizeAnd Gala.

And about what District 31, The favorite show of the 7pm box that will leave the screen forever in a few weeks? The series, written by Luc Dionne and presented on Radio-Canada, won the Prize for Fantasy Moment of the Year. The scene in question was certainly the violent death of Poupou (Sébastien Delorme) and the announcement to his comrades.

Keep in mind that all of these prizes are awarded after a referendum.

Three silver jackets

Also, the team It’s just TV (Presenter Anne-Marie Vidanshaw and three team members Natalie Petrovsky, Therese Parisian and Alex Peron) presented three silver jabs. These were provided by:

– Vincent-Guilmot Odyssey, for the diligence and perseverance of Detective Sergeant Patrick Bisonet District 31.

– Mary-Mai for the golden look that makes people talk every Sunday evening Big brother celebrities (Nuvo).

– Jason Roy Leville for amazing scenes from The Black Turkey on various shows Masked singers (VAT).

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