March 22, 2023


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Charlotte Guardin has postponed her January concert on MTELUS

Charlotte Guardin has postponed her January concert on MTELUS

Known has now been announced: Charlotte Gardiner is postponing the series of her four shows on MTELUS from January 5th to 8th with a “next date”.

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

“It hurts me so much, I’ve been looking forward to this moment for three years now,” the singer wrote on her Facebook page. This situation is obviously not under my control, but I promise you absolutely crazy shows when we meet safely. ”

These postponements, formalized on Wednesday, will be added to the dump list of concerts that have been postponed for a week or have been canceled altogether. On December 16, Quebec announced that it would impose a 50% gauge on theaters, ordering them to close indefinitely last Monday.

Music performances by the pop artist who released the album Phoenix Sold out last April. Pass holders are asked to keep their ticket “specific information” pending.

Charlotte Cardine is set to make her MTLUS board debut in early February, after a concert tour that will – perhaps – take her to the United States and the rest of Canada. For now, no announcement has been made regarding these dates.

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