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Since there are 12 episodes, enjoy them For life Who will broadcast after the holidays, last, last, last, I learned. The Radio-Canada soap opera will not return in September, and author Daniel Trottier considers it to cover the subject of teenage motherhood.

“I will end with a sense of pride. I am so glad to be able to talk about young pregnant women in the annual series. I do not want to reduce the dramatic intensity. I wanted to write a series where we could live and rush things to an end. But I felt I had everything I had to say about this situation in 72 chapters, ”said Daniel Trotier, who lives in Uruguay on Monday, where he lives and writes for part of the year.

With 1,124,000 followers on Tuesday evening, For life So depart in full glory. The Soap Opera will last three full seasons when the Mary-Laprec School will close its doors at the end of March 2022. Daniel Trotter’s previous work, Unit 9, Aired for seven years.

Shooting of the last shot For life Will be held on Friday. Never falling short of the original ideas, Daniel Trottier is working on his new soap opera, which is scheduled for Radio-Canada’s 2022-2023 schedule, confirms Andre Perot, the boss of public television dramas. The subject is secret, but the director For life, Jean-Philippe Duval, is already attached to it.

“I accepted Daniel’s decision. In 10 episodes, there are stories written for more than two years or more than five years, ”says the producer For life, Fabienne Larouche, from Aetios.

Photo by Marco Campanosi, printing documents

Daniel Trottier, editor For life

Danielle Trottier loved the fast pace she breathed For life. “I came to its heart quickly and the audience followed us. I liked my stories being lively. I want to continue like this. We will give the audience the value of their money. I want them to completely forget about their lives when they sit with us for an hour,” he said on Twitter in the evenings of the broadcast. Says Daniel Trotter, who is active. For life.

One year after the first, For life Tread the accelerator and never release it. The current season is full of twists and turns, stressful moments and scenes where actors and actresses wear to the top. It’s one of the best soap operas in all networks.

For many years, the selection of actresses who acted as pregnant students of Mary-Labreck was done very skillfully and efficiently. Many of them, including Nyla Lloydord (Disability 2, Confusion), And then continued their careers in other competitions.

Photo by Radio-Canada

Marguerite Bouchard plays Daphne.

“I was very happy to see these women come from all walks of life,” said Danny Mellol, director general of Radio-Canada Television.

The last 12 chapters For life Having this highly emotional charge, Daniel Trottier promises. ” For life My life as a teacher has come of age. In the last volume, I want to respect the courage of these young women and their extraordinary sense of survival, ”she says.

Radio-Canada’s fall schedule will disappear For life, D ‘Another story And Sleepless night, Its severance still infuriates its 846,000 believers.

Online petition to save வழலை de luxe Nearly 19,000 people signed up as of this writing. Complaints are coming in to Radio-Canada’s audience service, and they keep coming back to my inbox. Fans Sleepless night See black.

And I understand them so much. Investing 12 weeks in a series is so annoying that it never reveals all its secrets.

In the proposed project for Radio-Canada, screenwriter Julie Hivon (Warnings) Planned his soap family story in a dramatic three year bow.

Filming for the second season – already written – was scheduled to begin in March 2022 and last until November. But there. Radio-Canada has decided not to buy a third season Sleepless night For Pixcom makers. The result? It is necessary to rewrite the disaster in the second season to complete all the maneuvers and give a real end to the addicts.

Julie Hivon’s proposed restructuring deadline was too short, and she could not have summed up the two seasons together. So the bite was pulled. That is why Sleepless night Several questions ended up pending Monday evening.

As for Radio-Canada, there is no question of changing your mind and bringing it back, despite popular dissatisfaction. Sleepless night Small screen. “We understand the disappointment of the fans of the show, but we will not comment further on it. Everything has been said,” the public broadcaster pleaded.

The name of Lucas’ father (Jean-Philippe Lucas), the identity of Muskin’s accomplice in the murder of Lulu Hebert (Franz Castell) and all other unresolved matters are mentioned. What an awful, what an unsatisfying ending.

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