March 29, 2023


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அபிதிபி | Research is underway to find a man who went missing in the jungle

(Chaselle) Research is underway to find a missing person in the jungle in the Abyssinia near La Chare.

According to initial reports, the man went to look for an object left in a wooded area in the evening, but his relatives noticed he did not return and informed police at 8:15 p.m. Friday.

“It’s in a wooded area in Cecil. The man had left at 5pm. Attempts were made to find him in the evening and continued with pedestrians at night,” Sergeant Patrice Dorzinville, a spokeswoman for Cட்டுrdoba, Quebec (SQ), said on Saturday morning.

The man in his fifties was not ready to spend the night in the woods. However, SQ did not want to stop its helicopter for now, but continued the search on the ground, especially with the help of volunteers.

“This morning, the walkers are still there and are continuing their research. We are evaluating whether other resources will be used in the field,” Sergeant Dorzinville said.

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