(Montreal) Stakeholders say it is no coincidence that many tribal women were previously elected to political positions that were monopolized by men.

Jacob Cerebrin
Canadian Press

Recently, three women were elected to important positions: Mandy Gul-Masti as President of the Great Nation, Kahsennahave as Sky-Man Mohawk Council President Kahnavak and Roseanne Archibald as First Lady of the First Nations Assembly.

Photo courtesy of Daryl Dyke, Canadian Press

Rose Anne Archibald, National Speaker of the First Nations Assembly (AFN)

“Communities ask for change, how do you get it, this change? Lynn Crulex, CEO of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, argues. Communities want change.

Although they face gender, sometimes within their own community, Mr.Me Crooks says he expects more indigenous women to run for office.

MMe Gul-Masti won 64% of the vote in the second round of elections for the Greece on Thursday. She shouts that breaking the glass ceiling is “absolute pleasure”, but she admits it helped guide other Cree women.

“We had a lot of influential women. They didn’t have an official title, but they played a key role in our development,” she says.

MMe Gul-Masti, who was elected vice president in 2017, says his top priority is to return to different communities to meet local leaders, youth forums and adults.

Our youth need to feel truly involved in this process so that they can be comfortable participating and understand the rule and the Cree nation.

Mandy Gul-Masti, the great leader of the Cree Nation

In his opinion, integrating Cree values ​​and traditions into the decision-making process is a top priority. Cree language, culture and land conservation are included in its list.

MMe Gul-Masti hopes that young people who pursue higher education elsewhere will find opportunities to come back and start careers in the community.

“It was my journey, I had to leave my community to go to college and university. When I returned, it was a big challenge to find work together again in my community.”

In Kahnawak, mMe Sky-Man is glad to see more women being selected.

According to her, it is important to return to traditional forms of government, including women in positions of power. Traditionally, clan mothers elected leaders.

He plans to meet with the newly elected Native officials and hopes that they will have the opportunity to work together.

This is an inspiration to me and if women can come together and do other things, this is how change will happen.

Kahsennehave Sky-Man, the great leader of Kahnavak

Michael Adette, who was appointed by the Senate on Thursday, recalled the success of these women and the appointment of Mary Simon to the post of Governor-General – the first tribe to hold the post – after years of efforts.

“It’s more than a coincidence. We are supported by the hard work of our ancestors, people and our allies,” he stressed.

Photo by Oliver Pontrient, archiving the bond

Michael Adette

The former commissioner of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Women believes these victories will send a positive message to young women and girls.

“No matter what part of this big turtle island you come from, there is no limit, you can make your dream come true. For me, we are adults, it shows that we can succeed.”

“Turtle Island” is how some Native people refer to North America.

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