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June 21st, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Date, News Round Up

The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere date is finally known and as expected it is in October, the 14th to be exact. We knew it would be in October but it was not until the announcement at Comic Con that we got a solid date for its release.

Not only did Comic Con get us the release date for Walking Dead Season 3 but it also got us a lot of interesting tidbits for the upcoming series as well as a very cool new poster featuring the bad a** Michone doing what she does best, waving her Katana around.

Some interesting tidbits have come out of comic con about Season 3 and some have to do with the story while others focus on the characters. Probably the funniest and perhaps the scariest is that Sarah Wayne Callies who plays Laurie in the series is constantly being harassed by fans who consider her a cheater and a home wrecker for having an affair with Shane while Rick was presumed dead.

Yeah … I did not realize that some of The Walking Dead fans had the same maturity level as Harry Potter fans.

Season 3 of the Walking Dead will see the introduction of animatronic props alongside Greg Nicotero’s classic special FX. In the third season of The Walking Dead we will see how decomposition has changed the walkers over time and the only way Greg could do this effectively was to do away with actors in makeup and turn to animatronics.

I love the fact that they are making the effort to show decay since most zombie movies never seem to cover any amount of time or show how the zombies would be months or years into an outbreak. Can a zombie still walk a year after Day Zero? What will they really look like?  Greg Nicotero will be at his finest I am sure with the special FX and it was also noted he directs an episode in Walking Dead Season 3.

There has been controversy over the second season moving along incredibly slow and we touched on this topic in another earlier article. Frankly I got a lot of hate from you fans who thought I was wrong in saying season 2 had a very slow first half but at comic con it was brought up and Robert Kirkman addressed it. The third season of Walking Dead will have a much faster pace in line with how the second season ended.

Considering the third season starts off with an assault on the Prison it is sure to be action packed and it becomes much more than a battle against the undead when Woodbury comes into the picture and we meet the ominous Governor.

More interestingly we will get to see Rick evolve and transform into a version of Shane. Over the course of the first and second season of The Walking Dead Shane became the villain for being the strong arm and doing what needed to be done and Rick was always the voice of reason. In the third season we will see Rick transform into a dictator of sorts as he fights to keep his group and his family alive even if that means becoming what he hated most in his now dead best friend Shane.

Sometimes to fight a greater evil, evil things must be done and Rick will experience this first hand in Season 3.

Season 3 will focus on two distinct story arcs with Rick and the larger group of survivors heading to the Prison and Michone and Andrea heading to Woodsbury. Michone and Andrea’s characters are both very strong female leads and will continue to add an interesting dynamic especially as they go head to head with The Governor played by David Morissey. I also look foward to seeing how the story plays out around Michone’s two chained companions and how much will be told.

Oh and did we mention that Merle will make his return?

The hottest item without a doubt to come out of comic con is the trailer for Walking Dead Season 3 and for those who missed it when we posted it earlier in the week we have it below for you all.


  1. Jade

    I hated Shane he sucked sorry guys but its my openion

  2. Jade

    If Laurie has her baby will it be a zombie

    • Jake

      No the baby will be born naturally immune to the disease and be the cure to the outbreak. If your a zombie your dead, if your alive you can be cured. It’s just a theory.

  3. Brando

    I loved Shane up until the end, he did what he had too to survive, I would of done the same thing

  4. Marky

    What are release dates of the rest episodes? any1 knows? 😀 i nearly pooped myself of excitement when i started watching it

  5. Does the Laurie’s Husband Die in this season!? Or is it the Other cop?

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