Robert Fico is in a medically induced coma

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico was shot after an away government meeting on Wednesday in Handlova. The politician was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Banska Bystrica where he underwent surgery. According to RMF FM, he may be transferred to a hospital in Bratislava on Friday or Saturday. His condition is “serious but stable.”

Slovak media reported for several hours that doctors were unable to stop the bleeding in the politician’s abdominal cavity.

Just before the 23rd. Slovak Deputy Prime Minister Tomas Taraba said in an interview with the BBC that Robert Fico “is not in a life-threatening situation at the moment.”

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Assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia. Robert Fico after surgery

Five shots were scheduled to be fired. Three of them hit Robert Fico’s stomach and arm, and two missed. The incident occurred after the Prime Minister went out to the people and wanted to shake hands with them. Security officers lifted the prime minister from the ground and carried him to a car, where they drove him and the politician to the hospital. The perpetrator was standing nearby, and the services caught him almost immediately and overpowered him.

Robert Fico was taken by helicopter to hospital in Banska Bystrica. As government representatives explained in a statement, the transfer to Bratislava would be extremely risky due to the serious condition of the Slovak Prime Minister.

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