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Resident: Marcin Wlodarczyk (@Peciak)

Trenera Osena: Xavi Hernandez – 7.0

The team was well prepared for this match. The starting lineup was the strongest ever, taking into account the recent form of Araujo, whose absence from the team was later explained due to physical problems. The hosts dominated most of the match and were relatively in control of the match. The main drawback was the high defensive line, behind which the visitors often threw effective long balls. In this way, we saved one time through offside and the second time through the opponent’s ineffectiveness. When he lost his freshness, he dared to make changes that allowed the match to liven up and close effectively in the end. The substitutes have certainly been an added value, which has not always been the case this season.

Ocina’s referee: Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez – 6.5

Judgement comity:ballery(Committee of Governors of the Balearic Islands)

RFEF ruling from: 2013, referee in the First Division since: 2018, born April 25, 1984 in Madrid

Cuadra Fernandez officiated Barcelona’s second match this season. He had nothing important to do before the 20th minute of the match. Then he noticed a mistake by Sheraldo Becker on Kobarsi. The Suriname representative was heading to meet Ter Stegen one-on-one, and the Madrid referee made the right choice. He conscientiously described the other crimes. At the same time, avoid reaching the referee’s whistle for no reason. In favor of the tempo of the match, his assistants pointed out early offside by La Liga standards. Barcelona’s 45th-minute advantage was the home side’s best decision in this action (despite the protests). RL9), and no foul was committed on Kounde in the 16th minute a moment later. We didn’t look at the cards before the break, which I think is right. Aside from not awarding a free kick to the visitors after Pedri’s sharp entry (32), the Madrid referee was, in my opinion, error-free in the first part of the match.

After the match resumed, the referee’s first decision that required attention was not to award a corner kick after Rafinha’s shot (minute 48). In my opinion, Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez avoided making a mistake. Gundogan (51) received the first card in the match. It was justified, as the German knocked out Le Normand with his move. In the 55th minute of the match, the match referee made a mistake in awarding a corner kick to the visitors. After Yamal’s intervention, the ball was hit by a Real Sociedad player. In the following minutes, the Madrid referee awarded two warnings to Aramburu and Pacheco (64).

Fermin’s foul on the goalkeeper (78′) and Barcelona’s advantage during Yamal’s advance (85′, error by Barineche) preceded the penalty kick being called. The referee missed Odriozola’s handball in real time, but lost the doubt after resorting to the VAR screen. Oyarzabal’s protests were met with a yellow card. The referee made the right choices in the key movements for this column and performed well for the rest of the match.

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