JackAss 2 Movie

Posted by: Solstic
Don't try this at home kids, that's right folks. Paramount Pictures, Gail Berman has announced plans to make a sequel to the massively popular 2002 movie Jackass. The movie that cost $5 million to make and made $65 million for the company is being looked at for a holiday 2006 release. Also don't
forget it is MTV's popular extreme stunt/gross-out reality series.

Currently there is no word if Johnny Knoxville himself will be in the sequel since his own acting career is starting to take off. But it does sound like Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and crew will be in the sequel.

It is hard to see this movie without Johnny Knoxville. I think he was one of the big reasons it worked so well, hopefully he can find sometime for the sequel. My sides are hurting already thinking about the stuff they are going to pull off this time around. As more information comes up, we will keep you posted.


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