Sam Rockwell starring in Hitcher remake ?

Posted by: MacReady

Sneaking thru our fiendish sistersite i just read that Sam Rockwell might be landing a role in "The Hitcher" remake. No word on what role Rockwell will get if he is indeed cast, but we know that Rutger Hauer will be back. We don't know what role he has either though.

The remake to Robert Harmon's original which starred C. Thomas Howell as a teen who picks up a hitchhiker (Rutger Hauer). The hitcher quickly admits to being a murdering psychopath, and once Howell finally gets him out of his car, he is pursued with all the vengeance of the ancient furies.

The remake will be directed by Dave Meyers and produced by the remake Kings Platinum Dunes. The screenplay is being handled by Jake Wade Wall.


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