TotalFilm Admits Back to the Future Future Day Hoax

Posted by: Michael

Total Film ran up a nice little hoax announcing on twitter that we had reached Future Day that Marty and Doc travelled to in Back To the Future. The tongue in cheek hoax that was done for laughs got the internet buzzing and bloggers talking.

When thousands of fans called TotalFilm to the carpet they even posted a photo of the dash of the car confirming what they were reporting... except of course they photo shopped the image and actually noted on the twitter image that it was a photoshop job to make their point. The genius is that people still missed the point and kept running rampant with the story that Future Day was here.

So no folks Future Day was not July 6th 2010 and we wont be seeing a Delorean anytime soon. I like the staff at TotalFilm found it quite hilarious how many 'journalists' linked to and covered the story which they made up over coffee for a couple of laughs and turned into an internet sensation.

Kudos to TotalFilm for one of the best April Fools jokes that did not even occur in April. Its this kind of film humor that can confuse fans but also make you chuckle.


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