Diary of the Dead Spunky Poster

Posted by: PuppetMaster
It strikes me as odd that we get a promo poster for Diary of the Dead sent to us the day the movie hits theatres. I thought this stuff was supposed to promote the movie before it hits theaters? But any way you cut it this is a very cool poster. I also know that all you Romero fans are going to be lined up 10 zombies deep to see Diary of the Dead. Checkout the spunk-tastic poster below sent over by Scotty. And remember we are actually giving away a Diary Poster courtesy of the fan-loving folks at The Weinsteins. To enter this contest send an email to contests@moviesonline.ca with the subject DIARY OF THE DEAD and we will then pick some winners. Please include your name and mailing address.
Update: Can you tell its friday and im drinking? would seem Scotty is in the UK since the poster does cleary say in theatres MARCH 7th. Which would make this puppy a UK poster... oh I am slow most days.... ummm wait I meant SOME!


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