Michael Buckley Updates us on Sisters Grimm

Posted by: Michael
Earlier in the week we told you that The Sisters Grimm was being made into a movie, and we made some comparisons to the Brothers Grimm. Specifically that this was a spin off, when it fact it is not at all. Well the author was nice enough to email us and let us know exactly what his story is about and how it is different from the Brothers Grimm. Michael Buckley says the following:
I'd like to correct something Tim posted about the upcoming Sisters Grimm movie.  Since I'm the author of the books that were optioned for the film I can tell you they have nothing do with Gilliam's Brothers Grimm film and thus shouldn't be portrayed as some Hollywood money making scheme to capitalize on the  film from several years ago.  Even though I enjoy Gilliam's work, my books are not a sequel or in any way connected to that movie.  They do not feature Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as characters and they take place in the modern world rather than the 17th century.

My books are about two girls who discover that their ancestors are Jacob and Wilhelm and that their book of fairy tales is actually a history book.  They are sent to live in a little town that acts as a sort of concentration camp for fairy tale characters - the girls take on the family business as detectives solving crimes the fairy tale characters commit.  One of the main themes of the book is what happens after "happily ever after" as well as weightier issues like bigotry, addiction, and abandonment.  The mystery that ties all the books together is the search for their kidnapped parents.   Still, I like to think it is a lot of fun - inspired by films like The Goonies and Raiders of the Lost Ark.    I appreciate the press but I'd rather have the series judged on its own merits than the work of someone else.  In my opinion Gilliam is a god but his Brothers Grimm did not inspire me. Thanks for letting me put my two cents in,
Thanks to Michael for writing in and setting us straight on his book, and the upcoming movie adaptation. Hopefully its all clear now that their is no association between it and the Brothers Grimm. Question becomes will movie goers get confused?


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