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December 16th, 2018

Walking Dead Season 3 Will Introduce The Governor

The Walking Dead Season 3 GovernorIf there is one villain in the Walking Dead Franchise that we hear about all the time its The Governor. I unlike many of you have never read the comics so I do not know the character. Unfortunately for me another site reporting on the character completely spoiled a major plot point for Walking Dead Season 3 and The Governor. Me not being a jerk I will keep this post spoiler free.

Staying true to their past casting practices relative unknown David Morrissey has been cast to play the ultimate villain The Governor. A BAFTA Award nominee, Morrissey has appeared in many acclaimed British series including “State of Play,” “Meadowlands,” “The Deal” and “Blackpool.” Along with his celebrated work in television, Morrissey is also known for his leading roles in feature films such as The Reaping, The Other Boleyn Girl, Centurion, The Water Horse, Nowhere Boy and Blitz. He recently wrappedWelcome to the Punch opposite James McAvoy and Mark Strong.”

In a nutshell The Governor is the leader of a large group of survivors and in Season 3 of The Walking Dead he will bring pain and suffering to the Grimes family and Rick will regret the day that they ever crossed paths.

This is of course assuming that the series continues to at least loosely follow the graphic novels that it is based off of. There has been alot of internet speculation that although The Governor will appear in the next season of Walking Dead he will not have the same role as he did in the graphic novels. The Governor was such a popular character from The Walking Dead series that the graphic novels creator Robert Kirkman did a book entirely for him titled The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor.

You can read quite a few details on The Governor as well as spoilers on the wikipedia page devoted to him. As noted it contains some major plot spoilers so read only if you do not object to having major plot points revealed for Walking Dead Season 3.

The pace of the first half of Walking Dead Season 2 was quite slow but the second half has already started to pick up and with Season 3 introducing the Governor it will only get better and better. Season 3 of Walking Dead will appear on AMC this October!

Walking Dead Season 3 Update:

News is flying in fast and heavy and The Walking Dead season 3 will be bringing much more then just the Governor. A whole slew of great new characters are coming including our favorite katana toting zombie slayer. Read more here

Walking Dead Season 3 introduce Michone



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    Hello Eddie. I’m surprised that you aren’t complaining about grammar/calling someone a fag/misspelling words/describing your grammatical pet peeves. I am also eagerly awaiting season 3. Did anyone else think that the Governer kinda looked like a chick?

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     from Edmonton , Canada cant wait till season 3 me and my wife love this show have followed it from the first episode

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      I will always watch the walking dead the best show on TV!

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  17. John

    Hey peoples. if you like this show then buy the comics. They are so  much more detailed and in depth, they are in fact brilliant. The TV show has strayed so much from the comics that I have convinced myself that the TV show is a completely different story and this allows me to enjoy the show for what it is. The TV show is great too and I think they have the greatest ZOMBIES ever to appear on screen, well done for that.

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      She’s my favorite too! The things she did in the comic…well, I don’t want to give any spoilers, but she almost made me puke! Hopefully you’ll understand what I mean by that..

      I wonder if they’ll stick with the Governor having a roommate, too.

      I also agree that Lori is useless. She’s definitely one of my least favorite characters, in the comic and the show!

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      I often like to pick out characters I really hate and imagine who I think would have been a better choice for the actor/actress.  And I really can’t stand Lori and Andrea. I dug Andrea in the comics, but I always hated Lori there, too!  I still haven’t decided who could have better filled those shoes though.

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    We are very eagerly awaiting Season 3! My husband and I are very disappointed that they killed Dale off :( And what is Lori’s problem?! Rick gave Shane chance after chance, but his lust was too much! He had it coming and could have killed Carl and Rick! She should be glad Rick did what he did:) 

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