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February 23rd, 2019

Christopher Nolan’s Looking for a Bat-woman

Sorry to mislead again, but that hyphen should have been a hint that Kathy Kane has not been announced as a character in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film. No, Moviehole is reporting that Nolan is meeting with a slew of young female actors to play the female lead. Apparently, the project is under such heavy security that most of the women don’t even know what role they’re trying out for — whether it’s a love interest, villain or other supporting role. But it’s hard to imagine a major Hollywood superhero movie without a romantic interest.

Many will say that female leads have been the bane of the franchise, but I think that’s just childish sexism (“The girls are ruining our fun!”). While Katie Holmes wasn’t very good or believable as an assistant district attorney, I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal had a lovely chance to shine in the sequel, especially during that interrogation scene.

Which means that we can expect lots more articles speculating and rumor-mongering just who could show up in Batman 3. My bet is on a sexed-up Aunt Harriet.


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