Zelensky warns of further mass attacks by Russia

In his daily video message, the Ukrainian leader announced the possibility of more massive missile attacks by Russia. Zelensky noted that the occupiers despise all values.

– In the upcoming holiday season, Russian terrorists may become active again. They despise Christian values ​​and all values ​​in general. Therefore, we ask you to listen to the warning signals from the air, help each other and protect each other, ”said the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky also addressed the citizens of Russia. According to him, they must clearly understand that terrorism will not go unanswered.

Russian attacks

From October 10 to today, the Russians ran out Nine mass missile attacks energy infrastructure in Ukraine. During this period, the Russian military has also used Iranian drones several times to attack critical infrastructure targets.

Shortly before Zelensky did, news of the upcoming possible mass bombing was reported in the media. The media reported, citing intelligence sources, that another massive missile attack on Ukraine could happen on December 22 or 23.

Oleksandr Musienko, a military expert and head of the Center for Military Legal Research, believes that a new attack may take place in the coming days. By his estimate, the total number of missiles used by the Russian Federation will be between 70 and 90.

Zelensky in the United States

On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky made his first foreign visit since the outbreak of war. The President of Ukraine flew to the United States, where he met the President of the United States, He also gave a speech in Congress.

Joe Biden stressed, during a joint press conference of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, that the United States provides assistance to Ukrainians regardless of internal political divisions. The politician said – both Democrats and Republicans want to help Ukraine, to ensure support, because we understand that the fight for Ukraine is part of something bigger.

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