The Russian Ministry of Russia claims that the Poles took part in the fighting on the side of Ukraine.  Gives "enumerations" |  world News

Propaganda and spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense Russia Igor Konashenkov said in an interview with the Russian state agency TASS that since the beginning of the “special military operation”. [bo tak Kreml określa wojnę, która wybuchła 24 lutego – red.] Until June 17 in defense Ukraine In addition, almost 7 thousand were listed. People – citizens of 64 countries. According to the ministry’s calculations, about 2,000 of them have been killed so far, and about 1,800 have returned to their country.

A little help from the West for Ukraine? The Poles answer

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Konashenkov said Russia was still “watching” the number of “mercenaries” fighting on Ukraine’s side, and that Poland would lead the way in sending them. The Russian Ministry of Defense estimated that 1,831 Poles had allegedly arrived in Ukraine, 378 of whom had already been killed, and 272 people had left the country. According to the spokesman, a large number of mercenaries supporting the Ukrainians in the fighting will also come from Romania and Great Britain. It should be noted that Konashenkov did not support his statement with any evidence.

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Bayraktar is a friend of Ukrainian soldiers. However, the use of drones in war raises ethical questions

The war in Ukraine. “More than 33,000 Russians have been killed since the start of the invasion”

General Staff Armed forces Ukraine reported that as of February 24 war About 33.6 thousand people died in Ukraine Russian soldiers. 250 of them died the day before.

The current losses of the Russian army are also given in terms of military equipment: 1468 tanks and 3577 armored fighting vehicles, 745 guns, 235 missile launchers, 98 anti-aircraft defense systems, 216. Planes, 181 helicopters, 2,523 trucks and cars, 598 unmanned aerial vehicles, 14 boats, 130 ballistic missiles, as well as 55 non-combat equipment teams. The Ukrainian armed forces also reported that the Russians suffered the largest losses in the vicinity of Bakhmut in Donetsk Oblast and in Zaporizhia.

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