Żabka and Poznań will go to Fortnite.  The Polish store chain is increasingly focusing on toys
January 11, 2024, at 22:14

Tomorrow the Żabka network will appear in Fortnite. On a special map, similar to Poznań, players will go through a competition in which the most talented participants can win “żapps”.

Image source: Epic Games / Żabka.


Żabka store chain announces again to players. After you have a chance to get a code to use on Steam, you will be able to meet our original “amphibians” in Fortnite. The event includes a competition with prizes.

Announce The fun starts tomorrow, January 12th. You can win so-called “apps” to use in the store. Although the company did not reveal the subject of the competition, it did reveal the location of the research.

Those interested should check out the StoryHunt: Poznań map (Code: 6595-6730-8240) And look for the green man shown in the drawing above.

The event was prepared in collaboration with the Realtime Squad team responsible for creating the above-mentioned map of the capital of Greater Poland. We can also find creators on social media Information About this “urban adventure for gamers”. fortnite“- as they describe themselves.

Let's point that out fortnite Available on the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series The game offers Polish subtitles and dubbing.

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