Players are starting to lose their patience.  Dragon’s Dogma 2 with a disappointing update

Capcom has announced another update for Dragon’s Dogma 2. However, the list of changes is surprisingly short. The most important issue, fixing performance on individual platforms, has not yet been addressed.

The Japanese company has had a great year. Recent financial results have clearly shown that interest in Capcom games is very high. Most of their recent titles are repeat products that have achieved big sales. The good streak was interrupted by the premiere of Dragon’s Dogma 2. The game debuted with huge technical problems that even the most powerful computers could not cope with.

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The developers are committed to fixing the game. We didn’t have to wait long to get the first updates. Capcom very quickly took care of the update that allowed frames per second to be limited. However, that was a drop in the ocean of needs. The Japanese confirmed that more updates are on the way, but we haven’t received any details yet. The latest update is just a bug fix for end-game missions.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 update is now available on all platforms. The update includes fixes for end-game missions. We will keep you informed with future updates.

There were many critical comments within Capcom’s entry. Players are tired of waiting for updates that will significantly improve game performance.

Still no performance updates? It’s been months and thousands of people still can’t play your game.

Still no performance fixes? to fail.

I bought the game and haven’t played it yet due to poor performance. This game would be one of the biggest purchasing mistakes I made after Diablo 4. I can’t believe I once wanted to make this game.

No performance improvements? Why release more patches if the base game is unplayable due to lack of optimization. Mission fixes are useless if the game cannot be played normally.

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