Z Life in English in Paris

Every year, I spend a month in Paris with my family. I discovered the country of my birth, which I left as a young man.

Every year, I see English dominating. If you think English is ubiquitous in Montreal, it’s no better in Paris.

Search English

When you’re walking in Paris, you see ads for Pastis on bus shelters. Born in Marseilles”. On the walls, an ad for Sephora: ” Your best leather bottle “. A sports center declares itself: Fit 20. Fit in 20 minutes a week “. On TV, it’s an ad for Schweppes: ” It’s aperitif time, and I love it “.

I haven’t seen many businesses with English sounding names. A fish and seafood restaurant “Only the sea “Asian Restaurants” Oh my noodles “and” Eat it “Gluten Free Waffles” Delicious and guilt-free », « Pablo Mini, Cheese sour », « Agabi, Greek street food “.

Stylish shop Good stuff “Posts in its window for compilation” Summer “:” Here comes the sale » or proposes to me: « Buy online “.

Bistro” Forest & Moon » Displayed in English only: « Best of all plant-based foods “. businesses Bubble tea Abounds in Paris. At Chatime, they encourage me to try a new flavor: ” Try it once “.

fig coffee is a ” Organic juice bar “.

at the mall” N Beaugrenelle”, I volunteered to become a member Silver, gold Where Vanbon “.

I read in newsletter » Of former model Inès de la Fressange, we are no longer talking about restaurants or bars on the roof of hotels, but « roof ” , ” It gets even more Attractiveness “.

Saw ads for “The”. Big tower », « Festival of the company in France, pride made in France» It offers a free concert « The French Touch », one of the stars the voice.

Want a dress, but need to pay for it in three installments? Scalapay Company offers: “ If you like it, measure it “.

In she is france, A columnist called us with her Backstage “to” Principal » of the Fête de la Musique, his Notes » and said during his Makeup product “, there was a little ” error and “Changes At the last minute “.

I laugh when I think the French speak English but use the wrong expressions. ” take away ” instead ” take out “.

At a Starbucks, I was surprised to see the products labeled with a much larger English name than the French translation, as opposed to the translation done in Quebec. It presents absurdities as a spectacle.” Breakfast croissant bread In the heart of Paris.

Starbucks summer promotion? ” Summer. Color, freshness. »

And at Burger King, they advertise a burger with ” Onion is a pork lover “.

I even looked in a shop window: “Here we areLittle jump “.

French is no longer what it is

As I was walking through the streets of Paris, I found myself entertaining at the corner of rue Jean de la Fontaine and rue George Sand.

But what does the teacher do? myths And a great writer Devil’s Pond By looking at what happened to Paris? Shocking, isn’t it? ?

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