Fake lawyer: It's not the first time he's presented himself under a false identity

The 24-year-old, who received several complaints for pretending to be a lawyer, would not be the first to present herself under a false identity, one of her exes told TVA Nouvelles.

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According to him, not only the fake lawyer, but Megan, the fake medical student, the future forensic pathologist, or even Megan, was living fakely at the Sacre-Coeur hospital.

In other posts, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and ended up in intensive care.

In an interview, her ex-boyfriend explained that Megan Lalonde had created “at least a hundred” fake accounts.

«[C’était] Fake accounts, fake stories to magnify the scale of his lies, lies so big that you can't even imagine someone would go to such lengths. Unimaginable things,” he asserted.

Megan Lalonde was able to bring him to court and, according to him, invented stories for the police.

“People like that, we try to forget about it, put an X on it and leave it in the past as much as possible,” he testified.

Megan Lalande left Drummondville and now lives in the greater Montreal area, which TVA Nouvelles visited on Tuesday. Although he did not answer in person, he agreed to talk on the phone.

During the call, he was persistent in convincing people that he was this famous lawyer, a person who had just created a social network to cheat clients.

“If what you have was that convincing, someone would have been arrested long ago. It is not because it is not true. I didn't buy anyone's money,” she replied.

Note that the Quebec Bar launched the investigation after receiving several complaints from the public.

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