Ubisoft doesn’t learn from mistakes. The company has entered into another collaboration.

Ubisoft is still doggedly pursuing NFT-related projects and is currently focusing on a new collaboration – Champions Tactics: Grimoire Chronicles.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles tied to blockchain technology that have gained popularity in recent years, but have also caused a lot of controversy.

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Ubisoft has entered into a new partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo as the company develops a new platform/game, Champions Tactics: Grimoire Chronicles, which is expected to introduce NFTs to a wider audience of gamers around the world.

Hero Tactics: Grimoire Chronicles is a turn-based PvP RPG. The game requires you to have three heroes to play, each of which is a unique NFT with its own appearance and skill set. Ubisoft previously tried to offer NFTs through the Quartz platform with Rainbows Six content, but without much success.

Double Jump.Tokyo CEO Hironobu Ueno expressed his excitement about the partnership with Ubisoft, saying that joining forces with a leader in the popular gaming industry allows us to continue striving to deliver exceptional games to communities and accelerate the adoption of web3 technologies.

Despite mixed success in the past, Ubisoft still sees potential in integrating NFTs into games. Through new partnerships and projects, the company hopes Champions Tactics: Grimoire Chronicles will succeed and attract new players interested in digital ownership.

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