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  • Cutting vines affects their health, productivity and development. If done correctly, it can greatly affect the quality and quantity of the crop
  • Pruning techniques may vary depending on the plant type and local conditions
  • There are several types of cuttings depending on the purpose and period of plant growth, including winter, summer, and healthy cuttings
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When pruning vines, remember to use the correct tool, such as sharp, clean pruners, which will ensure accuracy and reduce the risk of damaging the plant. Moreover, after cutting, it is necessary to properly care for the plant, including fertilizing and protecting it from diseases.

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Pruning techniques may vary according to plant variety and local conditions, so it is always useful to adapt them to the needs and conditions of a particular crop. It is important to check the recommendations of specialists or local growing practices before doing so.

There are several types of pruning.

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