You have fulfilled the dream of many Poles.  I stayed on the 35th floor of the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw [RELACJA]
  • “Wow! I envy you. All of Warsaw in the palm of your hand and in the sun” – my friends wrote to me when I sent them a “selfie” from the Marriott Hotel
  • The facility was the first five-star hotel in Poland. Pavarotti, Clinton, Bush, Jackson and Biden are just some of his guests
  • Although many spaces have been refurbished, the Business Suite still smells like the ’90s.
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

I’ll see Presidential Suite at the Warsaw Marriott HotelI didn’t tell anyone. Nor did I write a single word that I would be staying at the facility for the night. But in the morning, I sent my friends and family a “selfie” in the bathroom mirror overlooking the Palace of Culture.

Karolina Walczowska/Oneh

A bathroom in the business suite on the 35th floor of the Marriott Hotel with a view of the Palace of Culture and Science

“Wow! I envy you. All of Warsaw in the palm of your hand, and in the sun” – I kept getting messages asking for a detailed description of the facility.

I wasn’t surprised that the people who remembered how this thing grew on the capital map were the most interested. Recall, it was made available to guests as The 500th Marriott Hotel on September 11, 1989. The first five-star hotel in Poland has become the dream of the Poles. The guests who stayed there fueled the desire to stay or work. Pavarotti, Clinton, Bush, Jackson, and Biden are just some of the big names.

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Whoever had a chance to be near the Central Railway Station and the Palace of Culture at least once must have noticed this Warsaw residents don’t walk, they run. No different at the entrance to the Marriott.

The entrance to the Marriott Hotel located on Al.  Jerozolimski 65/79Karolina Walczowska/Oneh

The entrance to the Marriott Hotel located on Al. Jerozolimski 65/79

In the last days of March, on Tuesday afternoon, taxis and private cars arrived, and many guests used the site and walked from the train station.

Marriott hotel on warsaw mapMatthews Grouchy/East News/East News

Marriott hotel on warsaw map

Although I was initially nervous about business chic and elegance, my fear disappeared in the hallway – I was greeted Even though they are artificial, they are magical almond trees.

Marriott Hotel lobbyKarolina Walczowska/Oneh

Marriott Hotel lobby

With childish curiosity, I spin on my heels and try to remember the details. Finally, I raised my head and stared at the ornate ornate The chandelier has been here since the beginning of the hotel’s existence.

Reception at the Marriott HotelKarolina Walczowska/Oneh

Reception at the Marriott Hotel

The coffee shop on the ground floor was full of customers and smelled of coffee. Suddenly, a woman in high heels crossed my path. You’re probably late to one of the conferences being held here. I slowly approached one of the free front desks, showed my ID and checked in at the facility.

The receptionist smiled and handed me the card to the apartment: “Good choice, you’ll have a great view.”

In the long corridors, the modern Restaurant Floor No. 2 or the Panorama Sky Bar on the 40th floor Polish was the main language. Apart from that, English and German stood out. – Of course, our compatriots stay at the Marriott, but they are also Americans, because we are the largest and most famous hotel chain in the world, – explains the representative of the establishment. – In addition, residents of Germany, Great Britain, Israel, neighboring countries and other distant regions of the world, such as Zimbabwe or even Vanuatu, willingly come here.

From Monday to Friday, you can meet here first of all People who travel on business, from Friday to Saturday and tourists. During holidays, big concerts in the capital or matches, they are also tourists.

Interestingly, not only a great location and a well-known brand amuse the guests. – Most of our crew have been here since the beginning, which means they’ve been with us for 33 years. My interlocutor noted that the chain’s customers value their many years of experience and knowledge.

At the Marriott Hotel Karolina Walczowska/Oneh

At the Marriott Hotel

Before I went to explore the hotel’s attractions, I decided to leave my things in the apartment. The hotel has a total of 523 luxurious rooms and suites – from standard to two-room and duplexes. In addition, the Presidential Suite can also be booked.

My Business Suite was on the 35th floor. He was waiting for me Two-room apartment with a separate working room, bedroom and glass bathroom, which I was very impressed with.

In the working area there was a sofa bed, TV, wardrobe and bar with drinks and snacks for an additional fee.

The interior of the business suiteKarolina Walczowska/Oneh

The interior of the business suite

You can feel it in the spacious interiors A whiff of iconic ’90s luxury. Since I had the opportunity to stay in hotels of this brand in San Francisco (built in 1985) or Baku (in 2015), I must admit that Interior designs vary.

The sleeping area in the apartment Karolina Walczowska/Oneh

The sleeping area in the apartment

As the hotel representative pointed out, Some rooms as well as common spaces are being renovated sequentially. “The restaurant, bar, ballrooms and conference area have been renovated at least three times,” she pointed out and invited me for a walk.

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