You can see every star from here.  The observatory reopened in Puławy

The former water tower building has gained thermal insulation and a bright new facade. The dome that hides the astronomical telescope has been renovated and painted. The observation deck, individual installations and rooms have also been renovated. Photovoltaics, a ramp for the disabled, and a new sound system have been installed. The square in front of the main entrance is paved with cubes. The works carried out by Impuls Consulting were made possible thanks to the acquisition of a subsidy from the European Union by Poviat of Puławy (690,000 PLN from the Royal Oman Police).

– We are opening an impressive, modern facility that will be a center for astronomical, cultural and artistic education – Alexandra Kozak Kotowska, Director of the Youth Culture Center in Pulawi, said at the inauguration of the observatory after the renovation. It also announced that, in addition to the possibility of observing the night sky, there are plans, among other things, to lectures, workshops and exhibitions for children and young adults.

At the observatory you can see, among other things, a group of meteorites, maps of the sky and the moon, a space suit and astrophotographs taken by the club members as well as a renovated memorial hall for them. Maria Kapturkevich Zyvchik.

The “cosmic” part of the building is overseen by the Puławy branch of the Polish Association of Astronomy Lovers. Its members are already planning to purchase new equipment. A new sun-observing telescope is likely to appear from MEADE in Filtrowa.

Anyone interested in observing the night sky over Puławy can visit the observatory for free every Tuesday and Friday from 18-20.

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