May 28, 2023


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You are not crazy. That’s why people don’t reply to you on Messenger for a long time

Messenger has been experiencing some weird issues for a few days now, which has caused a lot of weird situations.

Over the past few days, people using Messenger have been complaining about some very important issues that complicate their lives. First of all, they receive a lot of notifications at the same time. Sometimes these notifications relate to very old messages.

It is not known why this is happening, but it also translates to a lack of messages from friends. You send something to someone in the morning, and they get a notification in the evening. So, now you don’t have to panic if your friends don’t reply to you.

Messenger has problems

Usually, Facebook or Messenger has temporary problems. In this case, it has been going on for a few days now and many people are now literally complaining about it. Even in TT there are videos about these issues:


The problem seems to be global, although it’s hard to write anything about it. Facebook says it’s all right. However, in reality, you may have problems with notifications – many people simply do not respond to messages for several hours, and because of this, they do not even realize that someone has written to them.

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