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TV presenter, , Was invited to the “America Hoy” show to talk with Natalie Verdis about the birth of her second son Leo. The presenter and the former reality boy were flexible when talking about his children.

As Eskenezi explained, it was one of the happiest moments of his life. In addition, she revealed details of the process Natalie Verdis has faced since learning about her pregnancy.

Actually I did not sleep like before, but I am ashamed to say that I did not sleep when I saw that the one who did not really sleep was Natalie. I feel like sleeping in the afternoon, but Natalie is not really asleep ”, Yako said.

Love grows, one thinks one already loves a lot, but after seeing moments and life situations like Saturday, if you look at Natalie with the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth, it is strong, and I am grateful for the life a woman gave me with Natalie. I love her”, Added.

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Likewise, Yako Eskenasi told the funny story of how they chose the name of little Leo Eskenasi Verdis. According to him, it was not he or his wife, but his first son Liam.

“The name thing is super, we could not find the name. We thought Noah, Emil, Milan and nothing. At one point we thought of Leon. For me, my first lion was Liam, I realized we were going to take the light from him. We had a video call with Liam the day we were in the delivery room and he asked us: How is Leo? It wasYako revealed.

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Yako Eskenasi told Leo’s birth details

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