Xiaomi 14 price in Poland: we estimate the amount before the premiere

Xiaomi 14 will be a very successful flagship for the Chinese manufacturer. Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, wireless charging, IP68 certification, and 2800 nits brightness screen. It should work, but what about the price? A few weeks before the debut, the amount of the first offer was revealed. Accordingly, I estimated the price of the model in Poland.

How much money do you need to prepare for Xiaomi 14?

Let me immediately point out that this is a lot. I would also like to note that the final amount may vary slightly. However, the graphics look official, so they can be taken seriously. This year, there will be four memory configurations again. But the base 8GB + 128GB version will disappear, so maybe the leaker wasn’t wrong:

Xiaomi 14 Prices / Image via gizmochina.com

  • 12 GB + 256 GB It should cost 3999 Chinese yuan,
  • 12 GB + 512 GB It should cost 4299 Chinese yuan,
  • 16 GB + 512 GB It should cost 4599 Chinese yuan,
  • 16 GB + 1 TB It should cost 4999 Chinese yuan.

This means that the prices are lower than those offered by its predecessor, i.e. Xiaomi 13. For example: the current generation of the device in the 12GB + 256GB version is priced at CNY 4,599. So we’re talking about a reduction of about 13%. You can also adopt a 1:1 swap strategy. This means replacing the 12GB + 256GB version with the basic version, so the price will remain the same.

Xiaomi 13 5G / Manufacturer image

How does this translate to Polish prices? I’m more inclined to favor the second tactic. then The weakest configuration of Xiaomi 14 (in line with last year’s trend) In the country on the Vistula River it will cost PLN 4799.

A very optimistic scenario, especially since the new version of the flagship will benefit 50W wireless charging And most likely Telescope lens. Optimistic, but entirely possible. In addition, the IP68 certification will remain valid. The remaining specifications can be found in Damien’s entry below.


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