Unit head for developers who don't plan on monetization: "fart #$ #idiots"

John Riccitiello does not make mistakes in his official speeches, which is why he is currently cited by the largest video game portals. His critical approach to gains in production and teams not seizing opportunities can influence interest in technology.

Unity has announced a major merger with IronSource, valued at $4.4 billion, likely to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022. Through this arrangement, Unity’s game engine, editor, Unity ads, and many other services will be linked to IronSource’s mediation and publishing platforms. Some industry commentators do not leave a dry thread on acquisition, as the software company specializes in the “application economy” and has developed tools for simultaneous installation of multiple programs, so that cybercriminals use their offer to install malware (malware).

On the occasion of the merger, John Rickettello, CEO of Unity, gave extensive interviews and shared his insights into the industry. During a conversation with a journalist PocketGamer.biz (for VGC) He said Developers who don’t plan their monetization details at an early stage are “piepr%^$mi idiots”.

Referring to the editor’s statement that some teams are reluctant to include monetization at an early stage, Riccitiello Compare them to automakers and then criticize them:

“I’ve worked in the games industry for longer than most people – I have gray hair and all that. Developers used to throw their game at the wall for advertising and retailers with literally no prior interaction. This model is woven into the philosophy of many art forms and media. I deeply respect it. I know their dedication and caring. But this industry divides people into those who still hold to that philosophy and those who have been embraced by the masses of how to figure out what makes a successful product. A successful artist doesn’t care what his player thinks (…)”.

“Ferrari and some other high-end automakers still use clay and knives for carving. It’s a very small part of the toy industry that works this way, and some of these guys are my favorite people in the world to fight – [dyrektorzy kreatywni – przyp. red.] They are the most beautiful, purest and smartest people. They are also one of the biggest fucking idiots in the %$#.”

It should be noted that IronSource has monetization technology, so Unity will likely help teams make money from their games, but the words of the CEO of the company responsible for the popular engine are widely commented on and relate to the belief that nowadays developers should not Not only create a game but think about selling it from the start. As the Unity representative emphasized, there are many “great products” on the market that fail because the studies were based on an ancient philosophy.

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