Poland lost 2-0 to Argentina in the final match of the World Cup group stage. Thanks to the outcome of the confrontation between Saudi Arabia and Mexico, we will advance to the 1/8 finals. The competition between the Whites and the Reds will be France. In the knockout stage of the World Cup, Poland will play for the first time in 36 years. “Victorious defeat, but against a world-class opponent,” the prime minister wrote after the match.

Argentina defeated Poland 2-0. Alexis McAllister and Julian Alvarez scored in the 46th and 67th minutes, respectively.

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On the 38th, after an alleged foul by Wojciech Szczęsy on Lionel Messi, the referee awarded a penalty kick. The Polish goalkeeper confidently saved the Argentine star’s shot. This part of the match was commented on by President Andrzej Duda on Twitter.

“To put it mildly, the controversial decision by the referees to dictate a penalty kick against Poland. The answer to this is a great, brilliant save by Wojciech Szczęsny! BRAVO!!!!” – wrote the chief.

Thanks to this victory, Argentina overtook Poland in the standings, scoring a total of six points. After the victory over Saudi Arabia and a draw with Mexico, the Poles had four points on their account. Mexico scored the same number of points. But thanks to the balance of goals (2: 2), the “red-white” still played in the championship.

Argentina will meet Australia in the 1/8 finals. The Poles will play against France.

Mateusz Morawiecki referred to the match and the promotion in a tweet on Wednesday night. “Yes, we have! Bravo! After a break of 36 years, we’re finally in the knockout stage of the World Cup! Once again, a great match in Wojciech Szczecin. A victorious defeat, but against a top-shelf opponent in the world. The White-and-Reds have made it Already this promotion. Thank you! ” – wrote the prime minister.


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