Anna Lewandowska showed pictures of her daughters.  One detail caught the attention of fans

After years in Germany, a few weeks ago, the Lewandov family changed their surroundings. In connection with the transfer of the football player to FC Barcelona, ​​the whole family moved to Spain. The couple’s daughters at the new place have just started the school year.

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Anna Lewandowska showed pictures of her daughters. Liu’s wife replied to a netizen

Anna Lewandowska posted a post on Instagram with two photos. In the first photo, five-year-old Clara is captured looking at herself in the mirror. On the second slide, we see 2-year-old Laura embracing the mascot and wearing a large backpack on her shoulders. It was the backpack that caught the attention of netizens.

“The backpack is bigger than Laura,” “What a little girl, a big backpack,” “About her, this bag is bigger than Laura,” “What a big backpack. There are probably a lot of bears in there,” “Not this one either.” The big bag?”, “There has never been a bigger backpack. Seriously, I understand that it is only for a photo on Instagram ”- wrote the fans in the comments.

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A man said, “But this backpack. No matter how much it weighs, it doesn’t look good…”. Anna Lewandowska did not pass his words carelessly.

“You think, Wojtek, that Laura wears it 🙂 And it is known that she is not. He is a preschool child” – declared the most famous Polish WAG.

Anna Lewandowska responded to the netizen’s comment (Photo: Instagram/annalewandowskahpba)


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