June 5, 2023


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A Russian soldier stole the console.  Later, he wrote ... to the owner - o2

A Russian soldier stole the console. Later, he wrote … to the owner – o2

The strange email arrived on Friday 27 May from a Mariupol resident, who had to flee the city due to the continuing Russian attacks. When he got into his email inbox, he noticed a message from an unknown sender.

The Russian wanted access to the PlayStation

As he later understood, the author is … a Russian soldier. The invader asks for a password for the paid PlayStation Network service. Earlier, he stole a console from a Ukrainian house in Mariupol. The man replied with only one word: “No.”

The Russians, however, continued. He said he wanted that password but insisted he only wanted “access to blocked games”. – I don’t need your mail – Russian misspelled.

“Are you going to respond or are you already dead?”

The Ukrainian did not respond to this shocking news. But the soldier still wanted the password, so he asked in the following email: “Are you going to reply or are you already dead?” Journalist Melania Podolyak posted screenshots of the conversation on Twitter.

The owner of the console is now trying to find out exactly where the Russian is. It suggests that it may still be in Ukraine because PlayStation services are not available in Russia. In March, Sony decided to suspend the sale of products and services in the country.

The reason is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Information provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows that the company has stopped the supply of hardware and software in Russia and has suspended the operation of the PlayStation Store there.

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