Work prices per side in Poland.  17 ideas on how to make extra money

due to the deteriorating economic situation An increasing number of Poles are looking for additional sources of income. A BIG Infomonitor study shows that this applies approximately 31 percent. columns.

This trend is also visible on classifieds sites. According to OLX Praca data, just last October, the number of views of ads marked as overtime exceeded 13 million.

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Today, you can earn extra money in many ways, and the Internet helps a lot. Side jobs can also turn into our main activity over time. Here is a list of specific activities that you can add to your home budget today.

1. Own online store

Today, in order to run your online store, you don’t have to quit your full time job. The online store can be operated in the evenings or on weekends. Thanks to the easy access to ready-made software, it can be launched even in one day. However, the condition is to buy an internet domain and choose the pool we want to sell.

An additional facilitation is the possibility of using the so-called dropshipping model, which consists in cooperating with wholesalers who deal with the storage and shipment of products to customers to us.

2. Run a blog

The advantage of this activity is the ability to engage with the blog at a convenient time for us. The condition for this method of earning is to publish content that will be of interest to a wide range of readers. This opens the possibility of paid cooperation with various companies. We can earn in recommending their services and products. Another option is to publish sponsored articles.

3. Copyright

Copywritingie eg. Writing texts and product descriptions for companies is also one of the ways to earn extra money. This type of content is in high demand, especially as it enables website identification.

There are more and more job offers from companies on websites containing job offers. How much can you earn from this content? For blog entries, product descriptions, and categories you can get your hands on From 60 PLN to 80 PLN net per thousand characters. Expert entries and sponsored articles are more expensive. Prices start From PLN 100 net per 1000 charactersdepending on individual evaluation.

4. Take pictures

Photography can be successfully tackled as a profitable form of extra income. However, this requires appropriate knowledge, including, for example, participation in special training courses, as well as the possession of professional equipment.

How much can you earn this way? For example, the price list for a wedding photographer in from 2.5 thousand. PLN up to 7 thousand PLN and more. Pictures can be taken not only on special occasions. You can also sell finished photos online or show them to photo agencies.

5. Selling handicrafts

Selling your handicrafts, such as handmade ceramics or jewelry, is also a good idea to earn extra money. In this case, prices will depend on our talent, creativity and quality of materials.

However, it is important to skillfully plan sales channels. We can do this through our online store or advertising services. In this case, the addition is also We can sell handicrafts without fear of running a business.

7. Social media support

Managing social media is another example of a part-time job that can be done from home using a computer and smartphone. By operating company profiles, for example on Facebook or Instagram, you can earn, in the case of small businesses, From 1,500 PLN per month. In turn, in the case of online stores, these amounts range from 2.5 thousand. zlotys to more than 5 thousand PLN per month.

8. Tutoring and online courses

This type of overtime is for people who have knowledge of certain subjects, such as mathematics, or are fluent in foreign languages.

Private lessons can be provided without leaving home, for example using Skype. Prices depend on the type of private lessons. For example, tutoring in English costs money At least 70 PLN for 45 minutes.

If we are experts in a particular field, we can also create our own courses in the form of videos or e-books, Then sell them through our blog or online store.

9. Cleaning

Cleaning does not require additional qualifications. It’s a job for everyone. Prices, depending on the type of business, fluctuate today From PLN 25 per hour of cleaning.

If we treat cleaning as casual work, we can take advantage of the unregistered activity, provided that the income we receive during the month does not exceed the minimum gross salary. In 2022, the price is 1,505 PLN.

10. Transportation of passengers

Transporting passengers is a popular way to earn extra money today. Poles are increasingly willing to use the services of companies such as Uber or Taxify. Drivers who work for them and drive 20 to 40 hours a week can earn at least £5,000. PLN per month. This type of casual work can also be done in the evenings or on weekends.

11. Taking care of children or the elderly

Taking care of children or the elderly can be treated as a part-time job. Hourly rates for today’s babysitter start from twelve zlotys or so and can go up to PLN 100, in addition There is no upper salary limit. In contrast, the average monthly salary of a caregiver for the elderly last year was PLN 3,200.

12. Holding fitness classes

In order to become a fitness trainer, you need to complete a special course. Getting the title of sports instructor specializing in fitness trainer today costs about PLN 1490. Prices offered to coaches depend on the experience of the coach and the club, as well as the size of the city. On average they are About 40-60 PLN per hour of classes.

13. Walk dogs

This part time job is mainly for people who love animals. In this case, finding clients should not be difficult, as a rule, it is enough to hang your ad on the estate. How much can dog walkers expect today? Walking costs are usually agreed individually with the owner of the animal, but they usually come to a limit 50 PLN per walk.

14. Make translations

Translations are an idea for extra work only for people who are fluent in a foreign language. Prices vary according to the translation language and type of text. A simple document translated into English or German is today About PLN 35 to PLN 45 per page. On the other hand, the rates of the sworn translator, eg In Finnish, they amount to more than PLN 110 per translation page.

15. Baking cookies

Baking cakes is also a popular way to earn extra money. Most importantly, you don’t need to be a certified pastry chef to bake cakes. However, the earnings in this case depend on our talent and the type of system. With this spin-off function, we must also have the current Sanepidu book. How much can you earn from baking cookies? For example, we can earn about 100 PLN on average for baking one cake.

17. Statistics

Extra earnings in a movie or a commercial start From PLN 40 to PLN 90 on the day of filmingHowever, the salary of specialists working in acting agencies can reach today 200 PLN on the day of the shoot.

It is also important in this case that You do not need an acting degree to become an extra. All you have to do is sign up with an agency or look for commissions yourself. However, in this part time job our availability is important. The shooting day can last for a whole day.

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