Woolworth opened a store in Poznań.  Another opening in Warsaw is planned

Poznan residents will find the Woolworth discount store at Galeria Pestka in Aleje Solidarnoci. The chain has prepared a special offer for customers on the occasion of the opening. People who visit the store on Friday can expect, among other things: for more than 5 thousand items less than PLN 13, a special offer (“Hits na Otwarcie”) and other surprises.

Woolworth sees potential in Poland

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Woolworth announces it She has the ambition to open a thousand stores in Poland. This is more than in Germany, where there are currently more than 550 points.

This is the Woolworth Show

So what can we find in the grid view? We will not buy there products for consumption, but there we will find goods of all kinds: from toys to cosmetics, toiletries, stationery and home textiles. In total, up to 8,000. Up to 12 thousand products. Most often they come from small producers, although you can also find brand name items.

The Woolworth range includes, among others: home and household products – said Lukas Jeznach, an independent expert on e-commerce and international expansion, associated with the Business Center Club and the Club of Digital Experts, in an interview with money.pl.

Our interlocutor also noted that this network has gained popularity among buyers in Germany. – Its strong position in the German market is also due to the fact that this series has a good offer in terms of quality and customer needs – explained the BCC expert.

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