Woolworth, Lush, MOL, Popeyes in Poland.  Here are the hottest retail and gastronomy debuts

The year 2023 is filled with the debut of new chains on the Polish market – retail and restaurant. Those who have recently arrived in our country are also not idle. We have collected in one place all the details related to the opening of new branches in Poland by international chains.

At some points, customers can actually shop. The opening dates of the others are shrouded in mystery at the moment “All we know is that it will happen this year.

Pepco will be challenged by the German opponent

The hottest debut promises to be the entry of the German discount market into the Polish market, which is to eliminate the challenge, among others Bibco, Action and Teddy. We are talking about Woolworth, whose story we described in detail on the money.pl website. This chain has approximately 530 stores in Germany, a He plans to aggressively enter Poland and immediately open six points in 2023. By April 2024, it will increase its ownership to 15-25 outlets.

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At Woolworth Polska you will be able to buy for example textiles for the whole family, home furnishings, electronics, decorative items, haberdashery, as well as toys and stationery. However, there is one product category that sets this series apart from the competition.

The Woolworth range includes, among others: home and household products – said Lukas Jeznach, an independent expert on e-commerce and international expansion, associated with the Business Center Club and the Club of Digital Experts, in an interview with money.pl in February.

The fuel giant from the south wants to make a strong stand

The giant has ambitious plans for Poland. The deal with Orlen made it the third player in the home market. However, this did not satisfy the Hungarians. In the end, they want to see in our country only the back of the concern headed by Daniel Obajtek and be in a rank behind Orlen.

The gastronomic presentation will increase

Grid announced it In 2023, four offices will open in Poland: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Szczecin and SupskAlthough we do not know the exact dates yet. However, this will only be a harbinger of the upcoming expansion. Restaurant Brands International and McWin, owners of the brand, want to open 600 restaurants within 10 years In: Poland, the Czech Republic, and Romania.

We are thrilled to have reached this milestone with McWin and are confident that their extensive experience in growing the business You will translate into a successful expansion of our iconic brands into Eastern Europe – said a few months ago David Scheer, Head of Restaurant International Brands, quoted in Horecanet.pl.

Master Burger is recommended for Farsufians

– At Master Burger, we respect the culinary tastes and preferences of different regions. Keep in mind the local flavors of each of them – said Jaroslav Protsenko, co-founder of Master Burger, quoted propertyynews.pl, referring to the presentation of the chain in Ukraine.

Retail chains are increasing their share in the Polish market

Some chains that have been operating in our country for some time felt so comfortable with us that they decided to open more stores. An example is Primark. Irish clothing chain It will add two more to the four stores already operating in Poland this year. It will open outlets in Lodz (CH Manufaktura) and Wroclaw (CH Magnolia Park).

We maintain our plans to open a Primark store in Łódź in the second half of 2023. And as soon as possible, we will inform our customers of the exact date. By the end of this year, we will welcome (customers – editorial note) to two more Primark sites in Łódź and Wrocław – announced Piotr Wacławik, Primark’s Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic region manager, citing Dzienniklodzki.pl.

Mix Market also opened its fourth store this year, offering food products from Central and Eastern European cuisine. This time the German series chose Opole. However, it was not without controversy. The domestic portal opolska360.pl described that on the shelves of the discount store you can find products made in Russia. The company did not respond to journalists’ questions in this regard.

What else can customers expect this year?

Another high-profile debut is the British series Lush. In 2022, it launched an online store in Poland, and in mid-February it added a stationary store. He appeared at Złote Tarasy in Warsaw. The offer includes freshly made, handmade cosmetics.

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