The operator’s compartment is still a frying pan, despite changes in regulations.  “Psinco has changed”

In 2019, Thomas Klarkowski, who posts on YouTube as Einar Thorwaldsen the weather is hot Declare poor conditions in the crane operator cabin. Then temperatures reached 50 degrees Celsius. – At such a temperature, a person can faint. And when it collapses, the crane will go as it pleases – Clarkowski said.

Three years later, he wrote a script for Father. work In hot weather, we called him, too. Tongue consulted to know the current status of fellow operators. He already works abroad, but is still well versed in the Polish market.

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“We are seeing a shift in climatic zones.” Will it be as warm in Poland as it is in Italy?

Conditions in the cranes have improved, but …

As Klarkowski told us, thanks to his work, it was possible to include the necessity of maintenance in health and safety regulations temperature In a lever between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Its success was also a major campaign by the National Labor Inspectorate regarding crane conditions. Last year, 250 inspections were conducted. That’s a lot, because according to data provided by ukasz Komuda, co-author of the podcast “The Economy and All the Rest” and a labor market expert for the Foundation for Social and Economic Initiatives, the average frequency of inspections in 2020 has already reached one in 39 years, and in Small Enterprises Group – for 65 years. So more.”

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“I don’t know about you, but I’ve been riding about 10 cranes in the past two months and I’ve been on all of them air conditioner. Masovian Province. So I think that thanks to you (Thomas Klarkovsky – editor) the number of air conditioners in the cranes has improved significantly ”- writes one operator. It is echoed by another operator that all cranes in Lublin have been installed conditioning.

However, according to the reports of other crane operators, this is still not enough. There are still many places that don’t follow the rules.

… far from ideal

Clarkowski notes that air conditioners appeared in cranes, but mainly in large cranes comp. However, the devices are ineffective and unserviced. These are, after all, costs, and in high times inflationOr a decrease in the number of construction sites started, employers avoid this obligation.

In addition, in small towns or on construction sites in the field, sufficient cooling is still not available. Cabin temperatures exceed 40°C. “As far as I know, most of the cranes in Podkarpacy province, unfortunately, are without air conditioning,” another crane operator reported.

“Corporate poverty is against it (…) Entrepreneurs point out this cost The original AC is too high so they installed it for the piece Just like in this moviefrom Kasturama ”- writes Klarkovsky.

However, it happens that even large companies that have 300 Jacks don’t follow the rules. Operators complain that not only the air conditioning service, but the entire elevator, is lame.

According to Klarkovsky, the problem is the regulation, which needs clarification. The manner in which temperature regulation is achieved is not regulated. The man believes that the word “air conditioner” should be included in the regulations.

In addition, the problem also lies in the weakness of unions, which applies not only to this industry, but also to almost the entire Polish labor market. Thus, there are workers from abroad who are easy to take advantage of and pay little wages for. This in turn affects the entire industry. There are teams that stop working if cooling is ineffective to force employers to change. However, Klarkovsky believes that despite the complaints of many operators, they lack the solidarity to win better working conditions.

There are also cases where foreigners are employed at below-market rates. Additionally, companies use it to work beyond the standard eight hours. Change sometimes takes up to half a day. Here again shows how the institution suffers from a lack of funding PiP. Moreover, the law does not protect the complainants, which limits the number of complaints.

Summing up, psinco has changed because PiP is not keeping up with the controls, scammers are feeding on people yet, (…) and the operator sits quietly so as not to lose his job

– says Thomas Clarkowski (psinco or psińco nothing in Silesia).

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