“Wish: Asha and the Lucky Star”: Finally a great Disney!

The animated film was dubbed by Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine and produced by the team Snow QueenDelighting young and old alike, allowing studios to finally reconnect with the quality that made them famous.

Over the years, the Disney studios have struggled to find their mark, and the overall quality of their productions has suffered, even if we think so. Encanto: The Fantastic Madrigal Family Or even Avalonia, a strange world Do not recite to anyone other than them. Fortunately, Wish: Asha and lucky star A great film.

Designed to represent 100e Anniversary of the studio founded by Walt Disney, Wish: Asha and lucky star All of the company’s animated fairy tales begin with a central idea, which is to wish for a star. Script signed by studio director and project manager Jennifer Lee Snow Queen, and Alison Moore transports us to the kingdom of roses. There, Magnifico (voiced by Chris Pine in the original version), a king, self-possessed and in complete control of himself, enviously views the favors bestowed upon him by his subjects. And he gives only one per month; who poses the least danger to Rosas during a lavish ceremony to which the entire kingdom is invited.

However, Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose), a young woman who only wants to be Magnifico’s apprentice, finds this practice unfair. Expect the help of an adorable little starlet, Star, and the hilariously voiced goat Valentino (voice of Alan Tudyk) to resist the sovereign’s will.

Actress Ariana DeBose voices King Magnifico’s character Asha and Chris Pine in Disney Studios’ new musical “The Wish: Asha and the Lucky Star,” in theaters November 22, 2023.

Photo courtesy of Disney

A beauty festival

A true homage to all the animated classics from the venerable House of Mouse and under the expert guidance of directors Chris Buck and Von Weerasunthorne, Wish: Asha and lucky star Looks like a watercolor and thus reminds me of drawings Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), from Dumbo (1941) and also Lilo and Stitch (2002). And the most amazing thing is that the team of animators also managed to integrate its refined and modern visuals. The Sleeping Beauty (1959), a studio masterpiece, resonates even in this Snow Queen!

These aren’t the only references to Disney classics. Off Bambi (1942) onwards Fantasia (1940), by Alice in Wonderland (1951) or Cinderella (1950), hints and winks are included in almost every scene, causing some mirth and surprise.

A worthy successor to the display Snow Queen And Raya and the Last Dragon. We’re once again (and that’s a good thing) a far cry from the princess waiting for her prince. Asha is a modern, self-confident young woman who is not short of humor (Valentino the goat is perfect for humor).

Ariana DeBose lends her voice to Valentino, Little Goat, Asha and Alan Tudyk in the new Disney musical “The Wish: Asha and the Lucky Star,” in theaters November 22, 2023.

Photo courtesy of Disney

As in the past, the songs – yes, that one Music oriented – Perfectly integrated, the pieces enrich the subject and move the story forward. We should especially note This is the thank you I get?!Performed by Chris Pine (yes, he can sing!), Magnifico is a little joker who complains about the lack of recognition from his subjects.

The battle will be fierce during the Oscars on March 10. WHO Wish: Asha and lucky star And Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse Walk away with a higher reward? The choice is so tough that we expect equality between the two films.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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