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In an interview with Lex Friedman, Elon Musk reported his assumptions about landing on Mars. According to the billionaire, in an optimistic formula, the first person will reach the Red Planet in five years, and the worst will happen in 10 years.

In a podcast over two hours long, Elon Musk spoke with Lex Friedman about the likeness of Mars, SpaceX Or Tesla or artificial intelligence. During the conversation, the billionaire admitted that the biggest obstacle that SpaceX will have to overcome in order to reach the Red Planet is building a suitable spacecraft.

“The spacecraft is the most complex and advanced rocket ever,” Musk emphasized. The initial optimization of the spacecraft is cost minimization [red. dostarczenia] Tons in orbit, he added, eventually cost a ton on Mars.

Elon Musk and his company SpaceX have long been working on building a launch rocket with a spacecraft – Starship . The company expects it to be a reusable system that will help people travel long distances quickly and get to Mars — in the optimistic scenario after five years, worst case in 10 years. For now, Starship is still an unproven technology. Its first orbital flights are scheduled for 2022.

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