Nintendo Switch pirate Gary Bowser pleads guilty
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November 3, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

Arrested last year, Gary Bowser, a hacker associated with Team Xecuter, a group that specializes in distributing pirated software for the Nintendo Switch console, pleaded guilty. The fine that he will have to pay is millions, and this is not the end of his problems …

Quick overview:

  • Gary Bowser pleaded guilty to the charges and pledged to pay $4.5 million in compensation.
  • For years, his team has been producing tools that allow hacking games on Nintendo consoles.
  • It is still unknown how the lawsuit filed with him directly from the US branch of Nintendo will unfold.

In September last year, after Ongoing FBI investigationFinally, the hacker and fellow infamous Team Xecuter group were arrested and extradited to the United States. Gary Bowser is 51 years old (also known as GaryOPA).

His team was responsible, among others, for the design and sale of Nintendo Switch gadgets such as the SX Core or SX Lite This allowed pirated copies of games to be played on this console. As mentioned by the site TorrentFreakSix days ago (October 28), Bowser finally pleaded guilty to the charges.

() Mr. Bowser’s role was to market the company’s products, disseminate information about new gadgets and updates on them, and collaborate with vendors who distributed the above creations. Mr. Bowser also responds to inquiries from customers who use pirated software on [stronie dop. red] reads in a document published by TorrentFreak.

Distributor of pirated Switch games admits

This is what the SX Core chip looks like. rdo:

Bowser must pay $4.5 million in compensation. What is more, He even faces a 10-year prison sentence. The Xecuter team would make at least tens of millions of dollars from the sale of their illegal devices, and Bowser himself received about 320,000. dollars a year.

The accused claims that he has been working for Team Xecuter since June 2013. Hence, they are involved in distributing hacking devices such as: Gateway 3DS, Stargate, TrueBlue Mini, Classic2Magic or the previously mentioned SX. you stay (Probably) Public Enemy No. 1 of Nintendo. That’s why, in April of this year, Nintendo’s US division chief Doug Bowser sued Gary Bowser for $2,500 per device he distributes (plus $150,000 for any copyright infringement).

Bowser has decided to pay the four and a million mentioned above, although this is not counted from the above amounts made by the US branch of Nintendo as well as Continue working together to capture other Xecuter team members. Instead, the remaining charges against him will be dropped.

At the moment, with the exception of Bowser, 48-year-old French Max Lorne, who is still awaiting extradition from Canada to the United States. Yuaning Chen, a 35-year-old of Chinese descent, is still wanted. For years, the company has defended itself by saying that its hardware only allows home beer to be developed while charging licensing fees to unlock the ability to run pirated products.

Homebrew is an unofficial software created by developers for a closed system, such as the 3DS or other Nintendo consoles, including the Switch. In practice, this allows you to run unofficial games and applications, bypass regional bans, create your own themes for the menu or run emulators.

Distributor of pirated Switch games admits

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