June 7, 2023


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Will we pay for a record minimum wage increase?  Ask the experts if the government knows how inflation works

Will we pay for a record minimum wage increase? Ask the experts if the government knows how inflation works

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Studio Biznes asks MPC member about inflation

inflation In Poland, it did not stop, and, contrary to the expectations of some economists, it is gaining momentum. The coefficient important for determining the state of the economy rose to the level of 16.1%. However, the Monetary Policy Board responded in a somewhat subtle manner. The rate hike was not a big one and was in line with the national president’s comments Bank polishing 0.25 basis points.

Inflation is rising fast, interest rates are slow. what does that mean? “Studio Biznes” asks the expert

Is the government playing with inflation? What would it lead us to continue to donate money? Increased social spending and other activities that lead to increased inflation. Łukasz Kijek will talk to an expert about it. Ludwik Kotecki, a member of the Monetary Policy Council, will be a guest on the ‘Studio Biznes’ programme.

Some experts say the government’s actions are not intended to stifle inflation at all. One example of this is the rapid rise in the minimum wage. In 2023, it is expected to reach a record level. installments ZUS. What this means for Poles and for business owners. Cesari Kamericak, President of the Association of Businessmen and Employers, will explain this on the “Studio Biznes” programme.

Ferrari, which you will collect in the showroom. Unique offer from Lego

“Studio Biznes” is also about the automobile industry. In the last episode, Bronek and Tomek will talk about the fact that everyone can own their own Ferrari. It is enough to assemble it in your living room … from LEGO bricks. How does it look practical and how much fun is it? We will see how every Wednesday at 12.00 on the main page of the Gazeta.pl website.

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The program will also include other permanent items. Top tech author Daniel Maikowski will present six of the most awaited games we’ll be playing this year, including: FIFA 23, Dying Light 2: Bloody Ties, Scorn.