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Minimum tax. The Ministry of Finance wonders what to do with it


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Minimum taxes were introduced so that companies could not avoid paying CIT tax in Poland. Although it will appear in 2021, due to shifts, it will only be included in the 2024 return for the first time. In response to a parliamentary inquiry, the Ministry of Finance stated that “internal analyzes” on its operating principles are currently underway.

The Ministry of Finance's response to the questioning of MP Pawel Papke (KP Civic Alliance) was published on the website of the House of Representatives. The representative asked about the minimum tax and whether it will be maintained, suspended, abolished, or entered into force as stipulated. “(…) I would like to inform you that the applicable minimum tax regulations are the subject of internal analyzes conducted by the Ministry of Finance, including in the context of the formula for their further implementation,” Deputy Finance Minister Jaroslav wrote. Naniman in response to parliamentary questioning. He noted that, given the exemption from this tax that applies until the end of 2023, the first settlement of this tax “will usually take place in the return for the year 2024 (i.e. 2025).”

Minimum tax. Why was it introduced?

The minimum tax was introduced under the Amendment to the Tax Laws of 2021. It was supposed to come into force from January 1, 2022, but was postponed for two years in the amendment to the Income Tax Law of October 2022. As a result, these solutions came into force at the beginning of 2024. The minimum tax is to cover medium and large companies (with a turnover of more than 2 million euros) that have shown low profitability in the last three years, not exceeding 2%. Profitability does not take into account, among other things: leasing or selling fees for trade receivables to factors. The aim of the tax was to prevent large companies from avoiding corporate income tax in Poland.

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