Will the PS5 be compatible with devices from the time of the PS3?  Sony has registered a new patent

The Japanese giant may be making another use of the capabilities of the PlayStation 3. There are many indications that Sony Interactive Entertainment still wants to enable its community to revert to old products – not just through streaming as in the case of the new PS Plus.

The specs and software for the PS3 were too specific to break for the Japanese. Although the company’s authorities seem to be pushing older hardware more and more sideways, the new PlayStation Plus variant, which allows you to learn about PlayStation 3 games through the cloud, was to cater to a certain group of gamers – let’s remember, though, that it Lack of tradition has been criticized. It’s possible the company hasn’t said the last word yet.

In late June, Sony filed a patent titled “Systems and Methods for Converting Legacy Code to Updated Code” that details the game emulation process. Very detailed description accompanied by a diagram indicating the use of legacy accessories such as the PSP Go, EyeToy, PS Mouse, or the previous PlayStation Move or DualShock controller.

Remember that a significant part of the indicated accessories is no longer available for sale, which indicates that the Japanese company may simply benefit from its functionality. The document also asserts that the Japanese may seek, to some extent, to emulate an already outdated system – remember, however, that not all patented technologies are implemented. However, it’s worth noting that back in April, Jeff Group mentioned what efforts Sony is making could take much longer.

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