March 28, 2023


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CTRL + Shift + T will help you when X browser window is closed by accident

CTRL + Shift + T will help you when X browser window is closed by accident

browser Google Chrome enable users Several options to restore tabs and windows After it was accidentally closed. However, please note that the presented methods do not work when browsing the browser in incognito mode.

The fastest way to get back an accidentally closed tab in Google Chrome is to use a keyboard shortcut – CTRL + Shift + T.. On computers with an operating system apple this is cmd + shift + t.

if you want Recover multiple cards Or you need a card that has been locked for a while, please Use CTRL + Shift + T several timesThe cards will appear in the order they were closed.

You can also click Right click on the Google Chrome icon in the system And find a list of recently closed tabs there.

Another way to get back a recently closed tab in Google Chrome is through tracking Browsing history. You can access this option using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H.

Keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + T. Also works in other browsers like Mozilla FirefoxAnd the opera if Microsoft Edge. anyways You can also view your browsing history to find and reopen a mistakenly closed tab.

Furthermore it fire fox Involved List of recently closed tabs In the menu – in the options related to browsing history. There are similar solutions in opera And the Microsoft Edge.

We can restore recently closed tabs even Reboot the computer. All data on recently closed tabs will be deleted after restarting your computer or laptop.

  • CTRL + V / Cmd + V – paste
  • CTRL + X / Cmd + X. – Sacked;
  • CTRL + A / Cmd + A – choose everything;
  • CTRL + Z / Cmd + Z – invalidate the change;
  • CTRL + R – redo the change and roll back the undone changes;
  • CTRL + S / Cmd + S – quick save;
  • CTRL + P / Cmd + P. – fast printing
  • Alt + Tab / Cmd + Tab – switch between open windows;
  • CTRL + Tab / Cmd + ` – switch between windows in a web browser;
  • CTRL + T / Cmd + N. – Open a new tab in a web browser.

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