Will Samsung Adapt Fuchsia OS to Its Smartphones?

Currently on the market portable devices There are two main programs. with Apple only uses iOS The system in its smartphones provides a great ecosystem and collaboration between other company devices. The second largest player in the market is AndroidIts development is the responsibility of Google. The vast majority of them use this system Smartphone manufacturers. Including the biggest players like Samsung and Xiaomi. Now it turns out that the Korean company may soon change the software of its smartphones.

In a totally obscure post, Twitter user Duhyun Kim shared information that Samsung says goodbye to Android. In the future, the Korean manufacturer’s mobile devices will adapt reddish – A system also developed by Google. While this is just a rumor, its confirmation could turn industries on its head. Nothing to get excited about yet, the already planned models are sure to come out AndroidThe conversion itself will take at least several years.

Android It is a popular system among smartphone manufacturers due to its versatility. The software can be freely adapted to devices, which is convenient for content creators. Hence the overlays for OneUI, EMUI, MIUI, etc. However, Android is also a victim of its universality. Programming Many unnecessary processes are running in the background, which greatly affects the performance of mobile devices.

fuchsia operating system It is based on Zircon microkernel, not Linux as in the case of Android. It does not contain hundreds of libraries with almost zero application, which will allow you to get work faster portable devices. Working on this system will require more effort on his part SamsungBut it may bear fruit in the future.

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