Will Poland become the bastard of Europe?  Prices are exorbitant

“Rzeczpospolita” was the first to access the report “Motobarometer 2023. Mood in the European Automotive Industry” prepared annually by Exact Systems. The newspaper reports that the forecast is unfavorable for us and we could see a three-speed division into Europe.

Will the Polish market be flooded with old cars?

“In the group of strangers, where we found ourselves next to Romania and Hungary, The share of electric motors in total sales is a single-digit value“- informs the daily.

In Poland, in the first half of 2023, fully electric cars accounted for only 3.6%.. All new registered passenger cars – confirms Paul Goss, President of Exact Systems, in an interview with “RZ”.

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Journal notes that Prices will remain an obstacle for Polish drivers.

“When, according to the Samar Institute, the weighted average price of a new passenger car in mid-2023 reached PLN 176,000, the average price of an electric car was about PLN 100,000 higher. We cannot count on this differential to flatten quickly,” he tells. Republic.

There is a plot of land to build the island factory

ElectroMobility Poland (EMP), as a result of a tender procedure worth PLN 128 million, will become the owner of a 117-hectare plot of land in the Jaworznicki Economic Zone (JOG). A factory for the Polish electric car brand Izera will be built there. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

– This is a step that brings us much closer to realizing our dream of Poland having its own brand of cars again. The past two years have shown that you must have dreams, because everything starts with them, but in reality you must have a lot of determination, you must work hard, and you must not be discouraged, because only then achieve your dreams. become reality – said Piotr, President of ElectroMobility Poland.

Ultimately, the Izera plant in Javorzno will employ approximately 2.5 thousand people. the people.

In the production process, the plant will use and reflect the achievements of its technological partner – the Chinese automobile group Geely. The cost of building the plant is estimated at PLN 6 billion.

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