Will Joe Biden lose the presidential election because of his age?

On the other hand, Democrats were quick to criticize the Attorney General's words as “inappropriate.” Vice President Kamala Harris said, “The way the report described the president is far from the truth and facts and is clearly politically motivated and baseless,” noting that Attorney General Hoare is a Republican.

– Every time something happens that confirms a negative stereotype, it becomes especially harmful. For Clinton it was infidelity, for Bush it was “stupid,” and for Obama it was “elitist.” In Biden's case, his weakness is age, says Paul Begala.

Is the president old?

Joe Biden is the oldest person in US history to serve as president. He is 81 years old, and he is running for another term, at the end of which he will be 86 years old. His advisors confirm that he is in excellent physical and mental condition. However, the disadvantage of age is evident in his slower, less intelligible speaking style; After graying and increasingly thin hair. He is tall, but his movements are more cautious and stiff than they were during the election campaign four years ago. The media carefully records his falls from the bike and his trips. Mexico said they were more keen to point out his mistakes, such as when he referred to dead European leaders as if they were still in office, or when he referred to Egypt. Although he has been known for decades for his mistakes and mistakes in his statements, what he says now undermines his image, competencies, and experience.

Joe Biden won his first primary.  Even his wife Jill Biden (back) applauds him

Age has become the biggest weakness for Joe Biden, who has devoted his entire career to serving his country in Washington, D.C., as a senator, vice president and now president. This is a much greater weakness than Donald Trump, who is only three and a half years younger than Biden. In Trump's assessment, age is not a big issue, perhaps because he appears to be in better physical condition than his rival. But Trump, unlike Biden, is notoriously uninterested in his diet or fitness, is not known for his eloquence, and has made mistakes. He recently confused the leaders of Hungary and Turkey. He also said that he defeated Barack Obama in the last elections, not Hillary Clinton, and spoke of his main rival, Nikki Haley, as if she were Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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