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Oh, Wiktoria Gąsiewska was totally off. I got into an argument in the street. At some point, the fist started to move. She said about everything.

And Victoria Josefska She entered the show business as a young girl. She started her career from appearing in foster family And the Rodzince.pl. You recognized these formats in the group Adam Zdrójkowski. The couple was together until the end of last year, and their separation was widely covered in the media gossip.

Some time ago, in an interview with Jastrząb Post, she told us that she experienced the end of a relationship a lot, but fortunately she was already feeling better:

It is never fun when someone comments on things that no one has seen or heard, and somewhere there is always a stick with two ends. I didn’t want to speak out because I’m someone who keeps my private affairs to myself, I don’t wash dirt online, I find that distasteful. it was hard. I won’t hide it, but I survived it and it’s so much better now. I got a lot of support from my relatives and family and this is very important in such moments. With a smile on my face now, I explained in detail to our reporter.

Full conversation below.

And Victoria Gusevska got into a quarrel. why?

Today Victoria remembered herself again. She described the adventure she was involved in on Instastory. The situation began when a woman cut her way by car.

Siemaneczko, my dear. Today an interesting, if not very pleasant situation met me. I am a very calm person, but I am not in a wheel. I have a terrible allergy to cho drivers ***. I met such a driver today. A lady got out of the car from where she was standing, and didn’t look at all if anyone was going, and I was going. She was lucky to get ahead of her. I couldn’t help but go down to her and tell her in the face that she might have gotten her driver’s license off the chip – the actress started her story.

Then she admitted that she punched her car. She was provoked by her opponent’s reaction, who didn’t apologize and instead started taunting her.

I couldn’t grab this lady so I just hit her car. (laughs) I am very calm, but not towards these people, not towards such behavior.

Then the woman got out of the car and began recording Victoria.

This lady came out and started my recording. (…) He was stupid. I do not greet her from this place and I advise you to take a bike.

Have you been in a similar situation on the road?

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