Why won’t there be a 6th movie?

From October 3, 2023, fansAfter Episode 5, the final part of the love story, can be found on the Prime Video catalog. But why exactly won’t there be a sixth film?

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A final round of applause for Hardin and Tessa, played by Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Josephine Langford respectively. On October 3, 2023, Episode 5 was released on Prime VideoAfterBased on the novels After our happy And Before By Anna Todd. Within the story, Hardin is no longer interested in anything after his brutal breakup with Tessa. He was unable to write a single line of his future novel, so decided to go to Portugal to clear his mind. But this journey also allows him to find Natalie, the woman he wronged in the past. After filming their antics without her permission before meeting Tessa, he does everything he can to earn her forgiveness. At the same time, he hopes to reunite with Tessa and Natalie will help him. Moving forward, Hardin realized he had to change his ways before making the final commitment. So their story can see its conclusion After Chapter 5, however Why hasn’t an order been made for a sixth film?

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Watch Later: Chapter 5 on Prime Video

why After Chapter 6 will never see the light of day

It has been officially confirmed that later 5 The film is the final film in the series After, marking the end of Hardin and Tessa’s steamy romantic journey. The movies said Anna Dodd is a story beyond books. So we can assume that the saga ends as there are no sources to continue the story. Fans should be even more excited to learn that a prequel based on Hardin’s teenage years before meeting Tessa and a spin-off focusing on Tessa and Hardin’s children have been ordered.

After : What do we really know about the spin-off and prequel?

As of now, little information is known to the general public about derivative projects. A spin-off should come around Tessa and Hart’s children, Emery, Aden and their cousin Addie. “Emery, Aden and Addie are all loved by the fans and we’ve all had a lot of questions about what’s going on with their kids.”Director Castille Landon declared in the columns Teen Vogue. As for the premise, it should focus on its plot Hardin’s youth Before crossing paths with Tessa. If Anna Todd ends up writing another sequel to her book series AfterThe creators of the movies could adapt it and add another sequel to the franchise.

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